Why Dummy Ticket:

It is very easy to buy a Dummy ticket with dummyticketvisa.com. Just come to the website enter the traveler details and select the right options and woolla you are on your way to buy a dummy ticket. Why should I buy a Dummy Ticket Visa? There are many options you can choose when buying a dummy ticket visa. You can either go for a round trip ticket which is used by many in order to apply for visas. When applying for a visa the embassy will ask for a flight itinerary so they can have a look at your plans in order to grant you the correct type of visa. The other reason to buy a dummy ticket visa is when travelling abroad, the airlines/immigration may ask to see a return ticket to make sure you have plans of returning. Many travelers who do not have a specific return date in mind can make use of a dummy ticket instead of paying full price. How soon can I get my dummy ticket visa? If your travel plan is urgent, we can get you the dummy ticket visa in less than an hour. dummyticketvisa.Com has been known to provide last minute dummy tickets for passengers who are literally at the airport waiting to checkin. This is how fast we are...! Normally if it is not urgent we can get you the dummy ticket visa in about 6-8 hours. Is this a real confirmed ticket? We provide verifiable flight itineraries. We make a reservation with the airline for your flight and we'll provide you with real booking reference number so you can verify the reservation on the airlines website.